Spruce Up Your Ugly Concrete Driveway: Don't Replace It


If you've recently purchased a new home and the concrete driveway is stained and unsightly, you can stain the concrete instead of replacing it. There are a lot of benefits to having the concrete professionals stain the concrete around your home, and its budget friendly. The concrete professionals (such as Southwest Coating Solutions) will first come and power wash the driveway, trying to remove all of the debris before they put on the stain.

24 February 2015

Want To Upgrade Your Concrete Driveway? What To Prepare For


If you have just bought and moved into a home and the concrete driveway is damaged beyond repair, rip it out and start new. It would be incredibly difficult for the concrete contractor to try to fix the existing concrete, and there are many new great concrete design options. Starting over allows the concrete professionals to prep the land, so the driveway is level, and change the dimensions of the driveway if needed.

23 February 2015

How To Resurface Your Concrete Patio


If you're one of the many who enjoy your time with family and friends on your concrete patio, you might experience some cracking or holes in the surface after a few years. If this is what you are experiencing, you can fix these little annoyances yourself with a few supplies and some simple steps. This guide explains what you'll need and how to resurface your concrete patio. Step 1: Gather Your Materials

17 February 2015