A Close Look At The Primary Techniques Used By Concrete Cutting Services


Perhaps you have a concrete wall that needs to be removed, maybe you have a concrete slab that needs to be opened up for access beneath, or possibly, you are completely removing a concrete patio or fixture. In any of these situations, you will need a good concrete cutting service to help you out. These professionals use pro-quality concrete saws and other equipment to precisely cut into one of the densest materials there is: concrete. If you've never employed a concrete cutting service before, you are bound to wonder what techniques are used. Here is a look at some of the different techniques used in concrete cutting. 

Flat Concrete Sawing 

Flat concrete sawing is the most typical form of concrete sawing. This is the technique used if you need to have a section of concrete removed. For example, if there is an area of concrete in your basement floor that you need to be removed, flat concrete sawing methods would be used. Likewise, the technique is used during concrete wall sawing, as well. This process involves using a saw that looks much like a regular circular saw, except the build is much more resilient, and the blades are typically encrusted with hard abrasives. 

Concrete Core Drilling

If you only need a small access point in a slab of concrete, core drilling may be used as the technique to make it happen. Core drilling is much different than just using a saw to cut straight lines through the concrete piece. Instead, core drilling involves using a circular drill capable of cutting through concrete to bore a hole through the material. This form of concrete cutting is most often done when a property owner needs to install rails through the concrete or install plumbing pipes through the concrete, but it can be used for various things. 

Concrete Curb Cutting 

Concrete curbs can be found alongside driveways, around landscaping, and even as property dividers between houses. If a concrete curb needs to be cut, whether it is to remove a damaged section or to make changes, concrete curb cutting is the technique that is used. This form of concrete sawing often involves using a saw that can cut at a precise angle, so the end result is a nice clean cut that allows for amendments to be made and to keep the area looking uniform and neat. Concrete curb cutting is often a process used during construction in urban areas or even during roadwork.

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30 January 2018

Make Your Walkway Wonderful

I own a small office building, and recently, I was looking for ways to improve the building's exterior. I felt that the whole office was very plain and lacked curb appeal. I want clients and business contacts to be impressed by the building and the grounds before they even step through the door. I knew that one thing I definitely needed to do was replace the crumbling walkway. I called a concrete contractor about fixing the walkway, and was impressed when he told me that I could actually make it look like a brick pathway, using stamped concrete. I decided to go for it, and it made a big difference in the appearance of the outside of the office. I think that more people should be aware of how they can use stamped concrete to improve their business's curb appeal.