Using Ready Mix Concrete Around The Home


Concrete is a very versatile material that can be used throughout the home. It is often used both indoors and throughout the exterior of a home. There are many different types of concrete but one of the most commonly used ones is ready mix concrete. It's mixed in a factory and then usually transported to the construction site via a concrete mixing truck. This type of concrete is strong and tends to cure faster than other types of concrete. These qualities make it a great choice for home improvement projects. Here are 3 ways that homeowners can make use of ready mix concrete.

Concrete Flooring

When it comes to flooring, many may feel that concrete is too hard and too cold looking. However, concrete can be stained, sealed, and stamped to look completely different. It can even be laid in a way that mimics other flooring materials such as wood and stone. Ready mix concrete can be laid down during a home renovation or while a home is being built. It's also a more economical choice. Concrete flooring costs $2 to $6 for a polished slab to up to $7 to $15 a square foot for decorative finishing.


Concrete countertops are both durable and attractive. They can be sealed in finished in similar ways to concrete flooring. They are an interesting addition to any home's kitchen and can even be made as a do-it-yourself project. All that is needed is a well constructed mold and concrete. Ready mix concrete is a great choice for this project especially if concrete is already being poured for another project. Concrete countertops fall somewhere in the middle in terms of pricing for countertops. They are more expensive than laminate but cheaper than granite. The average cost for standard concrete countertops is $65 to $135 per square foot. 

Patios And Driveways

Finally, when it comes to concrete and outdoor projects the sky's the limit. Ready mix concrete is a great choice for outdoor projects such as driveways, patios, and walkways. For larger projects, such as driveways, quick curing times mean that professional help may be required to get a level driveway. Patios and smaller areas of concrete can be done as do-it-yourself projects. Ready mix concrete can also be stamped and stained for outdoor settings as well. This can add to the overall cost but is a great way to create more curb appeal.

Ready mix concrete is great for a variety of home projects. It can be used for flooring, patios and driveways, and even for countertops. To learn more, contact a company like New Interstate Concrete


22 May 2016

Make Your Walkway Wonderful

I own a small office building, and recently, I was looking for ways to improve the building's exterior. I felt that the whole office was very plain and lacked curb appeal. I want clients and business contacts to be impressed by the building and the grounds before they even step through the door. I knew that one thing I definitely needed to do was replace the crumbling walkway. I called a concrete contractor about fixing the walkway, and was impressed when he told me that I could actually make it look like a brick pathway, using stamped concrete. I decided to go for it, and it made a big difference in the appearance of the outside of the office. I think that more people should be aware of how they can use stamped concrete to improve their business's curb appeal.