Use Cold Asphalt Patch To Fill Small Cracks And Crevices In A Patio


Cold asphalt patch can be used to fill small cracks and crevices in the surface of your property's patio by completing the steps below. Once the patio has been repaired, provide its surface with protection from additional damage by adding a coat of sealer to it. 


  • wire brush
  • broom
  • putty knife
  • industrial-strength detergent
  • scrub brush
  • water hose
  • cold-asphalt patch
  • hand trowel
  • small shovel
  • asphalt sealer
  • paint tray
  • squeegee or paint roller

Remove Loose Pieces And Clean The Patio

Move a wire brush briskly back and forth over the damaged portions of the patio to assist with removing loose pieces of asphalt. Sweep the patio's surface to remove the asphalt pieces from it. If any pieces of asphalt are wedged in between some of the cracks or crevices that are present, use a putty knife to loosen them. Clean the patio's surface with soapy water and a scrub brush. Rinse the asphalt surface off with a water hose and wait for it to dry. 

Fill Cracks And Crevices With Patch

Cold asphalt patch does not require any additional materials in order to prepare it for repairs. Add a small amount of patch to a trowel and insert the tool into one of the cracks to fill it. Use a putty knife to assist with sliding the patch from the trowel and into the damaged area. Even out the surface of the repaired area by moving the flat part of a putty knife over it.

Fill the rest of the cracks by completing the same steps. Use a small shovel to fill in small crevices in the patio's surface and smooth out the patch when finished. Wait a few hours for the patch to harden. 

Apply Sealer To The Patio's Surface

Damage to asphalt often occurs after it has been exposed to large amounts of moisture or extreme temperatures. A coat of sealer will protect the patio from damage and assist with maintaining its appearance. Pour some sealer into a paint tray. Begin in one corner of the patio and use a squeegee or paint roller to spread an even coat of sealer over the asphalt. Once the patio is evenly covered, wait a couple days for its surface to dry before walking on it.

The sealer will last for a few years and provide continuous protection. Add a new coat of sealer when visible signs of wear in the original coat are apparent. 


10 February 2016

Make Your Walkway Wonderful

I own a small office building, and recently, I was looking for ways to improve the building's exterior. I felt that the whole office was very plain and lacked curb appeal. I want clients and business contacts to be impressed by the building and the grounds before they even step through the door. I knew that one thing I definitely needed to do was replace the crumbling walkway. I called a concrete contractor about fixing the walkway, and was impressed when he told me that I could actually make it look like a brick pathway, using stamped concrete. I decided to go for it, and it made a big difference in the appearance of the outside of the office. I think that more people should be aware of how they can use stamped concrete to improve their business's curb appeal.