4 Reasons To Use Concrete Pavers In The Driveway


When you are looking for different options of installing a driveway, you might come across concrete. Not only can you have a traditional poured concrete driveway, but you can also use pavers. Here are some of the top reasons to consider using concrete pavers for your driveway.

They Are Durable

If you want a driveway that is durable and lasts a long time, concrete is a great option. Concrete paving stones are made to be extremely durable and handle a lot of weight from heavy equipment and vehicles. It is difficult to damage them, even with small cracks. Not only are they durable, but if a paving stone does get damaged, you can replace just that stone. It is much easier to do than if you were trying to repair a crack in a poured concrete driveway.

Less Cost is Involved

Since you are not renting equipment to pour concrete, you save money by choosing concrete pavers. Whether you install them yourself or pay a professional contractor to do it for you, you will save in materials and labor costs. Concrete itself is already less expensive than many other types of paving stones for a driveway, such as clay, granite, or sandstone. Due to the long life of the concrete pavers, you save by not having to replace them as often as other types of driveway materials.

They Are Low Maintenance

The concrete paving stones are also low maintenance, so you don't need to spend much time cleaning them and caring for them. The most you will do is sweep the stones and hose them down when they are dirty. As long as you do these simple tasks regularly, they will last a long time in their current condition. You may occasionally have sand between the paving stones, which is easy to hose down. If something gets lodged between them, you should be able to pull up the paver, clean out the obstruction, then replace the paver easily.

Concrete is Resistant to Weather Damage

The concrete pavers are made with a rough surface that makes it difficult to wear them down due to different weather conditions. Whether you live in a mild, hot or cold climate, they will hold up well for you. Removing snow and ice from the paving stones with a shovel won't cause cracks in the pavers, and earthquakes won't affect them. Poured concrete is a little softer, so they tend to damage more from weather and natural disasters.

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7 January 2016

Make Your Walkway Wonderful

I own a small office building, and recently, I was looking for ways to improve the building's exterior. I felt that the whole office was very plain and lacked curb appeal. I want clients and business contacts to be impressed by the building and the grounds before they even step through the door. I knew that one thing I definitely needed to do was replace the crumbling walkway. I called a concrete contractor about fixing the walkway, and was impressed when he told me that I could actually make it look like a brick pathway, using stamped concrete. I decided to go for it, and it made a big difference in the appearance of the outside of the office. I think that more people should be aware of how they can use stamped concrete to improve their business's curb appeal.